The consultancy service is a timely support and guidance strategy for any investor, fund or organization interested in developing projects with alternative systems of production, processing and marketing of goods or the simply provision of services.

The Consulting offers to the producer – investor the opportunity to receive a professional concept in:

  1. Identification, evaluation, risk, formulation and feasibility of ecological agriculture, fishing and forestry holdings
  2. Exploration and development of specialized domestic and foreign markets for organic products
  3. Application and evaluation of the different systems of certification labels.
  4. Optimize value for environmental goods and services chains.
  5. Registration and control in seeds, plant material and bioinputs.
  6. Use and value of the farm ecosystem services.
  7. Formulation of organic programs food and nutritional products.
  8. Design of green cities (landscaping, ornamental, sanitation, bioarchitecture, sanitation and green roofs).