Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture or Harvesting – UPA, is one of the most promising means for mitigating hunger, reduce unemployment, poverty and marginalization, reconstruct families in social vulnerability, decrease the production of household organic waste, improving the urban landscape and mitigate the global warming. We strongly believe that may be the dominant system in the production of basic foods by 2050.

Agroambientalistas introduced the concept of value chains in its UPA projects, with alternative systems of production, transformation, biobusiness, associativity and green markets. The projects were conducted in San José de el Guaviare (Amazonic region), Duitama (Central Andean region), Manizales (Coffee region), the metropolitan area of Bogotá and the most representative of all, Green Terraces, in the localities of Tunjuelito Usme and Centro Nariño in Bogotá with 100 families served and 86 production units.