Contribution aimed at the substitution of illicit crops and the brake on the destruction of tropical forest in the Amazonian department of Guaviare.

The project has been the beneficiary of many national and foreign institutions, key in the lines of production and industrialization:

Jams and condiments derived from local biodiversity: Amazonian fruits such as arazá, cocona, borojó, pineapples, Amazonian papaya, ñambo, and native spices such as ají, cilantrón, basilica, Creole oregano and achiote, reaching 70 ethnic families, settlers, businessmen and peasants.

As of 2005, Agroambientalistas contributed in the following areas:

• Survey of the profiles of 30 productive units.

• Training in everything related to ecology, organic production, processing and marketing of fruit trees and aromatic plants.

• Food safety.

• Business plans.

• Certification process in BPA and organic.

• Alliance with national marketers.

• Exploration of international markets.